HighHello offers a Concierge Service that combines Cannabis Consumption and Concierge Service through an Affordable Home Delivery Bundle
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HighHello offers a Concierge Service that combines Cannabis Consumption and Concierge Service through an Affordable Home Delivery Bundle

Did you get out of bed in your pajamas and do a happy dance today because cannabis is no longer a stigmatized? Yes? Yes, we did! Legalization has made cannabis culture a booming industry in America. It offers many benefits for the mind, body, spirit. The legalization of cannabis has made it a popular and well-respected activity that is now considered illegal. Every level of cannabis user can feel a little confused by all the options, strains, and lingo. This is before they even try the first edible. There are many options for cannabis users, including tinctures, various strains, gummies and chocolate, as well as THC-infused liquid drinks. There are many options, and they can be confusing. We can help you relax. HighHello makes it easy to find high-quality cannabis products that suit your needs. HighHello’s boxed bundle subscription makes it easy to find new products and get buzzed. It is discreet, affordable, and fun. Their personalized approach to cannabis buying is what really sets them apart. You don’t need to know all the lingo. HighHello Subscription Club is for the canna-curious as well as the connaisseur. It makes it easy to find quality products that suit your needs and tastes. With their private virtual budtender sessions, they offer top-notch customer service. You don’t have to drive to the dispensary or risk your boss seeing you scurry in. Instead, you can book a meeting with a knowledgeable and friendly budtender once a month to discuss any industry topic. You may just need someone to talk to. Your budtender can take care of you in any way. They want you to have a deliciously enjoyable cannabis experience. Sign up, provide your identification and you can choose from a variety of monthly curated boxes. This is how it works: Each month, your HighHello box will feel like a Christmas present. Depending on your preferences, different strains of cannabis may be included in the HighHello boxes. Others include edibles, concentrates and other cannabis-infused products. HighHello members can choose their preferred box (smoke or vape, or a combination), and a delivery window that suits their consumption level. Members will receive their first box of carefully selected cannabis goodies within 7 days of becoming a member. Every 30 days, a new delivery arrives. Club membership is a hassle-free and easy way to stay up to date in today’s cannabis culture. What is your canna preference? Membership gives you access to the latest trends and innovations, as well as the opportunity to connect with like-minded people. HighHello members have many options to meet their needs. Subscribers will receive two eighths of cannabis, two pre-rolls and two edibles. The Edible Box: Would you rather eat your weed than inhale it? The Edible Box: If you prefer to eat your weed instead of inhaling it, they have the right box for you. The Edibles box (a $75-100+ value) includes six curated edible products each month, ranging from baked goods and snacks, to gummies, and cannabis-infused beverages. The all-flower box will delight flower lovers. It’s all flower, every day! This box is perfect for those who love exploring different strains. All Concentrate: This box is for all you dabbers who believe that wax is the best way to go. A box designed for beginners can be a relaxing way to get started in cannabis culture. Your budtender will guide you and answer any questions you may have about the products in your newbie box. The Bougie Box: HighHello’s VIP program is now available. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming “Bougie” Box–a premium product subscription–dropping soon.Club membership is more than just a free monthly delivery. Members get discounted access to cannabis events and exclusive product drops. They also have access to the HighHello Educational Library (aka the Green Room). Here are some examples of the brands and types products subscribers can expect in their monthly delivery. Cheef Michigan Cookies (flower).Photo courtesy HighHello. HighHello’s budtenders say that these guys and gals are proud to grow clean cannabis. The Michigan Cookies strain was a revelation, aside from the impressively signed 8th from Todd Rundgren. Beautiful buds with some sweetness and pine. Amazing effects, powerful, and relaxing. Glacier Cannabis Blast Chiller (preroll).Photo courtesy HighHello. From the budtender. “Award-winning Glacier Cannabis makes all their cannabis in small batches and strives for quality and affordability. The Blast Chiller strain is associated with relaxation and mid level euphoria. It contains pine and mint. What Glacier says: “Blast Chiller is great for unwinding. Enjoy some grassy goodness after a hard day’s work. Potdots (edible).Photo courtesy HighHello. From the budtender, “A literal delight in an edible. This edible is available in Michigan. One MG THC per candy, so perfect for micro dosing or to snack away on. These were great for sharing with canna-curious friends and to carry around as a quick dose during the day. Ryba’s Roots Mackinac Islands THC Fudge (edible).Photo courtesy HighHello. From the budtender. “Locally inspired products such as these are a great option to enjoy some Michigan nostalgia within the new licensed cannabis market. Michigan-made fudge with 50mg THC. It’s like getting a hug from your grandma. This is the best execution we have seen in incorporating Michigan history into high-quality, great-tasting products. Wynk Black Cherry Fizz (drink).Photo courtesy HighHello. From the budtender, “Looking for a laid back microdose option that hydrates?” Perhaps you want to drink with friends, but are looking to get away from alcohol. You can feel the effects in a shorter time than those who consume spirits. HighHello’s all in one approach makes it easy to consume cannabis without worrying about overconsumption. Each can contains 2.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD, and is balanced. HighHello’s subscription boxes for cannabis offer an easy, personal, and unique way for more experienced users to discover their favorite products. HighHello is changing the cannabis culture. The team visits brands to test product and establishes relationships with growers and processors to ensure club members have access to high-quality products at discounted prices. You can access exclusive products, limited editions, and surprises from the HighHello partner network. HighHello is also committed to education and community. Their mission is to make it easy for everyone to access the resources they need in order to be involved with the cannabis community. HighHello’s culture revolves around advocacy, veterans, and expungement. Get started at gethighhello.com and take advantage the discount offer for new subscribers. Look for the banner at top of the homepage. HighHello will soon offer in-store pickup and the possibility to pick up one-off boxes without a subscription. Keep an eye out for the latest subscription options, perks, and sign up to the HighHello community today!


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