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About Us

People today are overwhelmed with choices – and often unsure about where to find verified, unbiased information and especially when it comes to the CBD Market. There are millions of businesses in North America alone, and hundreds of thousands of sites around the world where people shop online. Thousands of free and subscription websites offer a range of information, including reviews, reports, directories, listings, and gripe sites. Where can consumers turn to find trusted information?

For more than 2 years, The CBD Registry has been helping people find businesses, brands and products they can trust. In 2019, people turned to The CBD Registry over 1 million times for assistance.

The CBD Registry brand is all about adding controls to an unregulated industry.

Fast Facts:

  • The CBD Registry has helped people make smarter buying decisions, and The CBDR is evolving to meet today’s fast changing marketplace needs.
  • The CBD Registry sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance. 
  • The CBD Registry helps consumers identify trustworthy businesses, and those that aren’t.
  • The CBD Registry has the largest database in the United States with regards to the CBD Industry.

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