Virgin Islands Gets Closer to Adult-Use Cannabis and Expungements
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Virgin Islands Gets Closer to Adult-Use Cannabis and Expungements

The U.S. territory, Virgin Islands, continues to be a hot topic with political fanfare. On Oct. 24, two bills were introduced in Virgin Islands: one that would legalize marijuana for adult use and the other that would exonerate eligible cannabis convictions. Bill No. 21-0160 would legalize marijuana for adults 21 years and older, and Bill No. 21-0160 would legalize cannabis for adults aged 21 and over, and Bill No. “It has been a very cumbersome process to get these bills to where they are today,” she wrote in a press release, which she also posted on Facebook. She was referring back to past promises to get legislation moving on the islands. “It has been a very complicated process to get these bills where they are today,” she said in a press release. She also posted the press release on Facebook. Sarauw stated that it was foolish to ignore these lessons. “As a political scientist and most importantly, as an elected representative, it is my responsibility to do the due diligence in order to protect the masses. The 69-page legalization bill covers almost every provision you would expect to find in a U.S. State bill. The legalization bill would create an Office of Cannabis Regulation (OCR), which would issue business licenses, supervise the industry, and establish rules for advertising, packaging, labeling, and labeling. Edibles would have a maximum of 100mg THC and 10 mg doses. Licensing fees and a 50 cent tax per gram would be imposed on cannabis growers who sell to other licensees. The bill would contain several equity components. A potential 50 cent per gram tax on cultivators who sell cannabis to other licensees could be imposed. The draft regulations for the territory’s medical cannabis program were unanimously approved by the U.S. Virgin Islands Cannabis Advisory Board (VICAB). The draft was made public by the Office of Cannabis Regulations on Aug. 12. The timeline didn’t follow through. Gov. Sen. Sarauw blamed Bryan’s administration for delaying medical cannabis’ rollout on the islands. Governor Albert Bryan Jr. of the Virgin Islands proposed an earlier version in 2019 and introduced a second version in 2020. Bryan’s reelection campaign criticized Sen. Sarauw for not fulfilling her promises to legalize marijuana, which she stated in 2021. The governor’s pressure may have contributed to Sen. Sarauw releasing the new pieces legislation. Sarauw and Kurt Vialet (a fellow candidate who is against legalization of cannabis) are both running for governor. Bryan and Lt. Governor. Tregenza Roach will be running in the November 8 election. The Virgin Islands are a hotbed of Caribbean music, such as reggae. So it’s no surprise that many tourists visit the Virgin Islands to smoke. Tourists are reminded that the Virgin Islands have a very active medical cannabis program. However, public consumption of cannabis remains illegal. You can’t smoke marijuana in public spaces, even if you have a medical cannabis card.


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