The CBD Registry Accreditation

What benefits will my business receive through The CBD Registry & the Accreditation?

When you become accredited by The CBD Registry, you show that your company supports The CBDR’s efforts to promote truth in advertising and integrity in business. Your CBDR Accreditation permits the CBDR to offer your customers and community important dispute resolution and inquiry services. CBDR Accreditation also offers your company many important benefits.

CBDR Business Profile: Publicly available at no cost, your CBDR Business Profile reflects your company’s CBDR Accreditation. The review has your rating, hours of operation, and products and services. You can even post coupons, pictures and videos. With the largest CBD business listing database in the United States, the CBDR is a leading resource for pre-purchase information on businesses.

CBDR Accredited Business Identification: Display your CBDR Accredited Business Seal with decals, plaques, QR codes, and advertising logos to identify your firm as a trustworthy company.

CBDR Accredited Business Directory: Includes your company in a list provided on request to consumers searching for a reputable business in your industry.

CBDR Accredited Business Activity Report: Receive a monthly email highlighting the analytics of your business on See the number of times your business was found in search results on, the Google traffic that lead consumers to your CBDR Business Profile, the number of times your CBDR Dynamic Seal was clicked on your website, the number of visitors to your company’s website from your CBDR Business Profile, and more. Activity reports also include industry specific tips for your business.

CBDR Request-A-Quote: Gives consumers a way to get price quotes from CBDR Accredited Businesses directly from the CBDR website for free.

CBDR Accredited Business Discount: Programs Provides valuable savings on merchant credit card processing, shipping, NSF recovery and other key business services.

CBDR Business Information Services: Provides timely advice on scams targeting businesses, information on national charity organizations and helpful staff to answer common marketplace problems.

Dispute Resolution Services: The CBDR’s dispute resolution program offers conciliation, mediation and arbitration services to businesses and consumers alike. The CBDR provides trained professional neutrals at no cost to Accredited Businesses, saving court costs and time in settling consumer disputes.

CBDR Marketplace Services: verified companies of The CBD Registry will also be given an ecommerce store with payment processing included.

SES Google Optimization Program (Nominal Fee): Opt-in to the Search Engine Solution (SES)
program to help drive people searching Google for the services you offer directly to you.

CBDR on Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@thecbdregistry) for the latest CBDR news, alerts and tips. Friend us, follow us, and display the CBDR Accredited Business Seal on your Facebook page.

Online Sponsorship (Nominal Fee): Increase your business’s exposure through exclusive placement of your logo, banner and video commercial throughout the CBDR website or affiliated apps and websites.

Members Business Portal: Respond to Customer Reviews, download the CBDR Seal, update your information, request additional decals, and more. 

Visit your Business Portal ( to find out more about your benefits.

CBDR Bulletin: The quarterly Accredited Business publication alerts you to new Accredited Business services and other vital information.

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