California Cannabis Industry Association White Paper discusses the dangers of unregulated hemp products
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California Cannabis Industry Association White Paper discusses the dangers of unregulated hemp products

California Cannabis Industry Association published a whitepaper addressing the state and future of the cannabinoid industry. The white paper, “PANDORA’S BOX: The Dangers and Regulations of a National Hemp-Derived Intoxicating Cannabis Market,” was written by Tiffany Devitt as well as other contributors. It addresses the public health crisis that the hemp industry is creating. “While cannabis and its derivatives are still federally illegal, huge loopholes in federal hemp definition are being exploited to sell extremely potent, often chemically synthesized, intoxicants that can be more powerful than anything found in licensed cannabis dispensaries,” states the white paper. “Industry stakeholders assumed that the 2018 Farm Bill would legalize CBD, a non-intoxicating hemp product. A recent court decision confirmed that Congress did not close the barn door intentionally, the report stated. “On May 19, 2022, AK Futures, LLC v. Boyd Street Distro, LLC, 35F4th 682 (9th. Cir. Cir. First, federal legalization must be done. First, federal legalization is necessary. Third, to ask the U.S. Federal Drug Administration to approve or disapprove novel or synthesized cannabis oils not found in plants in commercial quantities. Finally, the paper urges California to enforce existing laws to protect consumers. California has the opportunity to lead other states in enforcing existing laws and setting a clear example. This is the right time to do it. In March, a Delta-8 cannabis flower was found at a Missouri farmer’s market. This is just one example of how some producers are taking advantage. In Georgia, legislators nearly voted on a misleading Delta-8 bill in March. Five businesses selling Delta-8 products were sent warning letters by the FDA in May. “The FDA is concerned about the increasing popularity of delta-8 THC products sold online and in retail stores across the country. Many of these products claim to treat or relieve side effects of a variety medical disorders such as cancer, multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain and nausea, as well as anxiety,” Janet Woodcock M.D., FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner. “It is very troubling that some food products are packaged in ways that might appeal to children. We will continue to protect Americans’ safety and health by monitoring the market and taking action when companies illegally offer products that pose a threat to public health. The safety of children is particularly concerning, but it remains an ongoing problem. NBC Washington reported on Oct. 27 that seven middle school students from Virginia had access to Delta-8 THC edibles. The Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares issued a statement on the matter. “We’re trying stop it. He said that he didn’t want it to end-up in anyone’s mailbox when they’re trick or treating for Halloween.


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